Random Moves

Face of Your Fatherby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When you are about to deal the killing blow to this enemy, it casts an illusion and takes on the form of someone you love. Name the person and describe the relationship you have with them. This illusions persists into death, but is dispelled if the enemy attacks. If you completely fall for the illusion mark XP and act accordingly.

If you see through the illusion and deal the killing blow to your loved one, describe how you end them and roll+WIS. On 10+, you know it was only an illusion but you are troubled by the image and take -1 ongoing until you can rest. On a 7-9 the same but your dreams are plagued by nightmares of what you did—you won't be able to get any sleep the next time you try to rest. On a 6- the same in addition to what the GM says.

Stop, don't kill me! Don't you recognize me?!

Released Fri Sep 09 2016

Can Dish It Out, But Can't Take Itby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When you are insulted by this enemy and have a cutting retort, roll+CHA. On a 7-9 they are taken aback and momentarily drop their guard. On a 10+ the same and all allies take +1 forward when acting against this enemy.

Your mother was a hamster!

Released Thu Aug 25 2016

Fueled by Painby Vindexus

This enemy revels in its own pain. Whenever this enemy takes damage, including self-inflicted damage, it becomes visibly more dangerous and increases its damage die size by one. If its damage is already at d20, add an additional d20 to its rolls and take the highest. If this enemy goes for a minute without taking or dealing damage, or is healed, its damage die resets to its original size.

Released Thu Sep 01 2016

Copycasterby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When you are the first spell-casting member of your party to use magic where this foe can sense it they gain the ability to cast a spell from your class, roll+WIS. On a 10+, the GM will choose a level 1 spell from your class. On a 7-9 the same, but the spell must be of your level or lower. On a 6-the GM will choose a spell from your class of any level.

Your power betrays you!

Released Mon Aug 15 2016

Spellshifterby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

This enemy has the ability to morph spells cast in its presence. When this foe attempts to mutate a spell you've just cast roll+WIS. On a 10+, your spell has the desired effect, but it looks entirely different, describe how. On a 7-9 choose another spell you have prepared, it will be cast instead and on the same target. If you have no other spells prepared treat a 7-9 as a miss. On a 6- the GM will choose a spell from your class of your level+1 or lower.

Shift and shimmer, twist and turn, bless your friend and your friend might burn!

Released Mon Aug 22 2016

When you deal the killing blow to this enemy, its haunting spirit escapes from the corpse and screams into your body, roll+WIS. On a 10+ the spirit has a tenuous grasp on you, it will trouble your dreams. On a 7-9 the same, but the spirit also haunts your waking life and will occasionally speak to you. On a 6- the spirit might briefly take control of you during moments of weakness. The spirit will stay with you until an appropriate ritual is performed to expel it.

Released Fri Sep 02 2016

Snake's Windowby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When you roll double 1s in the presence of this foe it finds an opening into your mind – it catches glimpses of what you're about to do almost before you know you're going to do it. This effect lasts until the foe is defeated, someone else rolls double 1s, or you find some way to break the spell.

The eyes are the gates of the mind, and you have left yours unguarded.

Released Fri Aug 19 2016

Illusionary Defenseby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When this enemy first feels itself threatened it creates two near-identical copies of itself. These copies deal the same damage, but have half the enemy's current health and no armor. If you are the party member who got the best look at this enemy, roll+WIS. On a 10+ you know what to look for to distinguish the two illusions, describe the tell. On a 7-9 the same, but only one of the illusions has this tell.

Illusions! Tricks are something witches do for coin.

Released Tue Aug 30 2016

When you are the first party member to make physical contact with this foe, you get a vision of something terrible that happened to a loved one in their past, roll+CHA. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one:

  • You get a clear sense of that person, the GM will tell you their name and describe them
  • You know what happened to them, describe it
  • You know who or what was responsible, the GM will tell you

On a 7+, take +1 forward when acting on the information.

Tis better to have lost and avenged than to never have loved at all.

Released Tue Aug 16 2016

When your group first hears of or sees this enemy's notorious weapon, the party member with the most knowledge of weapons knows of it and rolls+INT. On a 7+ choose two and describe them:

  • It's said to leave lasting wounds beyond cuts and bruises
  • It crackles or shimmers with an elemental force
  • It is a sentient weapon with a mind of its own
  • It is holy (or corrupt)
  • It is a long lost weapon of a famous order, guild, or family
  • It was constructed using a rare and powerful material

On a 10+ the GM will tell you what tags, bonuses, and additional effects the weapon has.
On a 6- the GM will choose two, but the weapon will not easily serve a new master.

Released Thu Aug 18 2016

Chain Lightningby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When you are struck by this enemy's chain lightning attack, its power rampages through you before attempting to jump targets, take their damage and roll+CON. On a 10+ you absorb the entirety of the attack and it does not jump targets. On a 7-9 the lightning uses its remaining power to deal damage to a party member of your choice, but it does not continue to jump. On a 6- the lightning courses from you to another party member of the GM's choice and triggers this move on them.

Released Wed Aug 24 2016

When you deal 7 or more damage to this enemy in a single attack, the shimmering aura around it crackles and lashes out with tendrils of arcane energy at you and anyone with reach range of you. If you are caught in the counter-attack describe how you defy it and roll+STAT. On a 10+ you avoid the attack entirely. On a 7-9 choose 1. On a 6- the GM will also choose one:

  • You take the damage that activated the aura
  • The damage required to activate this aura is reduced by 1
  • The enemy negates the damage. This can only be taken once per counter-attack

Released Wed Sep 07 2016

This enemy has the power to use its blood to create a link between it and you. The first time this enemy's blood touches you it binds its life force to yours, roll+CHA. On a 7+ whenever it takes damage, take the same amount ignoring armor and describe how this damage manifests itself. On a 10+ the link works both ways; when you take damage so does this enemy. On a 6- this link affects not just you – pick a party member you have a Bond with to be affected in the same way.

This effect lasts about a day unless the enemy is killed or you find some way to break the link.

Released Wed Aug 17 2016

Compelled Betrayalby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When this enemy manipulates your mind so you think another member of your party is your sworn enemy you can either succumb to the spell or rebel against it. If you fight off the effect, roll+WIS. On a 10+ choose 1, on a 7-9 choose 2, on a 6- choose 2 in addition to what the GM says:

  • It causes considerable mental pain, take 1d8 damage ignoring armor
  • You gain the Confused debility
  • You gain the Stunned debility
  • You must concentrate, and open yourself up to attack, the GM will tell you how

If you succumb to the compulsion and attack your ally you both mark XP and you roll+Bond with them. On a 10+ choose two, on a 7-9 choose one, on a 6- the GM will choose one:

  • You manage to call out a warning
  • The effect ends immediately if you take damage
  • The effect ends immediately if you deal damage to them
  • The effect will end after about a minute

Released Wed Aug 31 2016

While in the presence of this enemy, every time you get a 6 on a die while rolling a move you can either keep the 6 or reroll that die. If you keep the 6 this enemy develops 1 pulsing growth on their body that seethes with magical energy. When this enemy dies its growths explode in a cascade of magical energy, if you are caught in the blast roll+CON and subtract the number of growths that exploded. On a 10+ you are unaffected. On a 7-9 choose 1. On a 6- the GM will choose an additional one.

  • You take b[2d8] damage
  • You gain a new debility of your choice
  • Something you carry, the GM will tell you what, is destroyed
Not yet! Let me run away first, then shoot it.

Released Mon Sep 05 2016

This enemy exudes an aura of gluttony and everhunger. Each time you are attacked by this enemy, gain 1 craving. Whenever a move would have you consume a ration, such as Make Camp or Undertake a Perilous Journey, consume an additional ration and reduce your craving by 1. You must consume at least 1 ration to reduce your craving. If you ever go a day without eating while you have any craving, lose all craving and gain an appetite for sentient flesh.

Released Thu Sep 08 2016

Soulboxby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

This foe has placed their soul into a magical item, protecting them from Death. The only way to kill them completely is to break the item and destroy the soul within. When you destroy the soul container to try to kill the soul inside this foe is killed outright but you are caught in the vengeful backlash of Death itself, roll+CON. On a 10+ you take -1 forward to Last Breath. On a 7-9 you take -1 ongoing to Last Breath until you can break this curse. On a 6- you roll Last Breath immediately.

Released Sun Aug 28 2016

When you set out to learn about this enemy’s lair, describe how and roll+STAT. On a 10+ choose 3, on a 7-9 choose 1.

  • You learn the location of its secret entrance
  • You know what monsters protect it and their stats
  • You learn of a trap including location, trigger, and effect
  • You learn of a hidden treasure and its location

Released Tue Sep 06 2016

Spelleaterby Colin "Vindexus" Kierans

When this foe feeds off the energy created when you cast a spell, it opens its mouth and sucks that energy into its body, roll+INT. On a 10+ choose one, on a 7-9 choose two. On a 6- the GM will choose two:

  • It uses the power it siphoned to heal itself for 1d8
  • The power charges its next attack, which deals +1d10 damage forward if it lands
  • This interference drains your mind, take 1d8 damage ignoring armor
  • The power is redirected to two allies you name, they take 2d4 damage ignoring armor
  • You forget the spell

Released Fri Aug 26 2016

When you deal the final blow to this foe it lashes out with its final breath and marks your body. A symbol materializes on you that those it is in league with will be able to detect from miles away. Describe the mark and what form it takes (tattoo, scar, brand, etc) and roll+CON.

  • On a 10+ the mark will itch when those that can detect it are within a mile or so of you
  • On a 7-9 the mark will cause a minor burning pain when they are almost right on top of you
  • On a 6- the mark will pulse with a searing agony when they are within reach of you and you will take -1 forward

This mark can be removed, but it’s a difficult process that is beyond the skill of most healers and magic users.

You won't get far, I will be avenged!

Released Tue Aug 23 2016